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Google Webmaster Tools Now Shows Malware It’s Detected

Google Webmaster Tools continues to improve its features.  The Google Online Security Blog just announced that Webmaster Tools will provide webmasters with samples of the malicious code that Google’s automated scanners detected on their sites. From this post: We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a feature that enables Google to provide even more detailed […]

Adobe BrowserLab

Adobe BrowserLab is a web-based service that allows you to view websites on popular browsers and operating systems. Supported browser/operating system combinations include: Firefox 3.0 / Windows XP Firefox 3.0 / OS X Firefox 2.0 / Windows XP Firefox 2.0 / OS X IE 7.0 / Windows XP IE 6.0 / Windows XP Safari 3.0 […]

Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine

As many of you know, I do some Flex development on the side (see my post about Ribbit for an example).  One of the most helpful resouces I have found is Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine.  The magazine is published six times per year and is a great source of articles for both Flash and […]