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GrandCentral is now… Google Voice

I’ve been using GrandCentral actively for six months now and am generally satisfied with the service.  Google announced a re-branding of Grand Central to Google Voice and, along with the new name, they introduced several new features, such as voicemail transcriptions, SMS support and conference calling, to the already-impressive list of features. What is GrandCentral?  […]

Amazon EC2 offers Reserved Instances

What’s a reserved instance?  According to this post in the Amazon Web Services blog: …we’ve created a new EC2 pricing model, which we call Reserved Instances. After you purchase such an instance for a one-time fee, you have the option to launch an EC2 instance of a certain instance type, in a particular availability zone, […]

MIT Enterprise Forum Fast Pitch event

I attended the Fast Pitch event that the MIT Enterprise Forum of Washington, D.C. held last night at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Conference Center.  Straight from the MITEF DC web site… Our Fast Pitch Event is an exciting opportunity to hear several companies present their businesses to receive questions and feedback from the […]