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An Indispensable Piece of Hardware for my Home Office

KVM switches are great at sharing a single keyboard, mouse and monitor across multiple computers.

Ribbit Developer Platform

So, what’s Ribbit?  Ribbit is a platform that allows you to add voice to your Flash and Flex applications.  Check out my (simple) entry for Ribbit’s first developer challenge. Once the app has successfully logged in, press the Call Me button to call me at Agile Media Ventures.  If your Flash Player supports audio, Flash […]

Build Your Own Office From a Kit…

Metal, prefabricated offices have come a long way in the past decade.  Not only is it much more affordable than in years past, it’s a quick and green way to meet your home office space needs. There are several vendors that offer prefab office kits, including kitHAUS, Modern Shed and Modern Cabana. Questions to ask […]