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Adobe BrowserLab

Adobe BrowserLab is a web-based service that allows you to view websites on popular browsers and operating systems. Supported browser/operating system combinations include: Firefox 3.0 / Windows XP Firefox 3.0 / OS X Firefox 2.0 / Windows XP Firefox 2.0 / OS X IE 7.0 / Windows XP IE 6.0 / Windows XP Safari 3.0 […]

Ribbit Developer Platform

So, what’s Ribbit?  Ribbit is a platform that allows you to add voice to your Flash and Flex applications.  Check out my (simple) entry for Ribbit’s first developer challenge. Once the app has successfully logged in, press the Call Me button to call me at Agile Media Ventures.  If your Flash Player supports audio, Flash […]

Crowdsourcing and 99designs

As a part of starting a new company, I’m currently working on some of the more mundane tasks associated with the startup of a new venture, like registering the LLC, setting up bank accounts, looking into options for office space, etc.  To balance these tasks, I’m also in the middle of getting a logo designed […]