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Invite a friend to Google Voice

As many long time readers know, I’m a big fan of Google Voice (formerly known as Grand Central).  Now, Google Voice is rolling out an “Invite a Friend” feature to its users.  According to the Google Voice blog, invitations will be limited to three at the beginning. Please add a comment on this post if […]

Adobe BrowserLab

Adobe BrowserLab is a web-based service that allows you to view websites on popular browsers and operating systems. Supported browser/operating system combinations include: Firefox 3.0 / Windows XP Firefox 3.0 / OS X Firefox 2.0 / Windows XP Firefox 2.0 / OS X IE 7.0 / Windows XP IE 6.0 / Windows XP Safari 3.0 […]

Amazon EC2 offers Reserved Instances

What’s a reserved instance?  According to this post in the Amazon Web Services blog: …we’ve created a new EC2 pricing model, which we call Reserved Instances. After you purchase such an instance for a one-time fee, you have the option to launch an EC2 instance of a certain instance type, in a particular availability zone, […]