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Google Offers 10 Ways to Make Your Website Work

If you have an e-commerce site, you’ll want to download this terrific e-book called “Make your website work“.  Published by the Google Conversion Centre, this e-book examines common website design issues from the point of view of a customer.  It suggest the following 10 ways to improve the conversion rate of visitors to your e-commerce site: […]

You Don’t Need the Aggravation: When to Fire a Client

Firing a problematic client: It’s often both a fantastical and frightful notion for the small-business owner. But it may also be a pretty smart move, especially in today’s economy. “There’s an emotional tendency to believe that all your clients are worth something,” says Matt Sarkees, assistant professor of marketing at Penn State Great Valley School […]

How Do I…Find the Right Domain Name?

So you probably know you can lease a car, but did you know you can lease a Web site? But then, why would you want to? For answers to these questions and more, I spoke with YummyNames General Manager Bill Sweetman about tips for small firms in finding the best domain name, Web site strategies […]