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10 Hacks for WordPress

Sprye Studios has published a terrific article entitled, “10 Must Have Hacks For WordPress Development“.  None of the hacks require installing a WordPress plug-in.  Instead, the hacks involve applying minor changes to one (or more) PHP files (e.g. sidebar.php or single.php) associated with the theme that your WP site uses.  The hacks include: Showing Related […]

Windows XP is still available

If you believe in the mantra “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, you’re probably still running Windows XP on one (or more) of your home and office computers.  Some of you might be running Windows 98 or even Windows 95 (gasp!).  So far, I’ve managed to resist Microsoft’s siren song insisting that consumers upgrade […]

Google Offers 10 Ways to Make Your Website Work

If you have an e-commerce site, you’ll want to download this terrific e-book called “Make your website work“.  Published by the Google Conversion Centre, this e-book examines common website design issues from the point of view of a customer.  It suggest the following 10 ways to improve the conversion rate of visitors to your e-commerce site: […]