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Crowdsourcing and 99designs

As a part of starting a new company, I’m currently working on some of the more mundane tasks associated with the startup of a new venture, like registering the LLC, setting up bank accounts, looking into options for office space, etc.  To balance these tasks, I’m also in the middle of getting a logo designed […]

Small Fries

Question: I want to open my own restaurant, but without any experience or capital, I’m having trouble finding a bank to lend me the money I need to build out the space and buy equipment. Any ideas? Answer: No different from any other first-time entrepreneur, you need to walk before you can run. In your […]

Playing Favorites

Running a company is a balancing act, and striking the right balance is an important skill. But when it comes to raising money, achieving the perfect balance between sales, profits and cash flow might be the wrong thing to do. Strongly favoring one can create more funding opportunities. Read more at US News and World […]